Wednesday, September 20, 2006

True Story #2: What Would MacGyver Do?

I swear, David and I tried a version of problem #1 last night on both kids. I had forgotten to buy pull-ups, (again) and we were down to one. But I remembered a bag full of infant diapers in Grace's closet that I've been saving for them to put on their dolls. Obviously the kids were both way too big for these diapers, so David got out his blue painter's tape (I swear!) It was a ridiculous thought, and then I had a bright idea. What if the kids put on their underwear and we tucked the diapers neatly inside to absorb anything that might dribble out in the night? We did it, and the kids thought it was wildly funny that they were wearing diapers inside of their underwear. David just reminded me to remind him to put the real pull-up on Johnny after he fell asleep, because Johnny had drunk a boat-load of juice. We both forgot, Johnny peed himself, and Grace woke up dry. Wish I had read this article sooner.

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