Friday, September 15, 2006

Already Sweaty

I'm already breaking a respectable sweat and I'm not even running...well yes I am, I'm running up and down the stairs here at work preparing for the Board's annual meeting/retreat that will be held here in about an hour and a half.

A quick running update: David has been adding speed work and strength exercises to his training and his longest run to date has been 14 miles. (Way to go, David!) I mix it up a bit too, but my longest run is currenty at 8 miles (on the treadmill). The race is about two months out and now that the mornings are nice and breezy, I'm going to try to get up and run in the mornings outside in our neighborhood like I did four years ago when I briefly trained for a race in Raleigh. Didn't get too far into training because I developed kidney stones (a very painful, yet with funny parts, story I'll share later), and then around Nov. of that year got pregnant with Johnny. (Way to go, David!) But I'm having a hard time getting up. I've actually resorted to putting my alarm clock in the hallway so I have to get out of bed and walk a few steps to turn it off, the idea being that I will stay up and not crawl back into bed. I'm taking baby steps with this...I stayed awake this morning, but I didn't lace up.

Kate has agreed to come to Chapel Hill to keep the kids while David, Chris, Leisa and I all drive to the Outer Banks to the race. David and Leisa have never been to the Outer Banks, and now my friend Trish lives out there, so the weekend will be about more than the race. Chris's mom is keeping his kids, so we won't have to worry about what to do with the kids while we're running. The downside is that we won't have a cheering section. Because of my highly unpredictable health these days, my only race goals are to finish. One day I plan to run a marathon and raise money to support Team in Training, but not this go round. Chris and Leisa are going to do run/walk intervals, (like run 9 minutes, walk 1) and they've asked me to join them. I'm not sure yet. Maybe I will, because they're the ones who got us to sign up for this in the first place, and for me, running distances is more enjoyable to me if I make it a social thing.
I won't consider myself a failure if I walk 12 minutes out of a 2-hour run.

That's the update...gotta run.

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