Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Shoes

Shopping with Grace and Johnny is like shopping with these yahoos. I avoid taking them shopping unless absolutely necessary. Shoe shopping is one of those necessary times. They both wore crocs all summer, but that abruptly ended for Grace. Last Friday, I saw a note at Grace's Pittsboro Preschool's sign-in that said, "Sarah, see me about Grace's crocs," and when I asked Ms. Diane about it, she said that Grace was constantly slipping her crocs off in the lunchline, causing everything to get backed up while the assistant went and fetched them, making everyone wait. This wasn't going to work. No more crocs at school. I bought them each a pair of Merrells last spring, but I had the sinking suspicion that maybe their toes had grown longer over the summer. We went to here at Southpoint Mall and a nice lady helped measure their feet. Both of them measured at size 11. Both pairs of Merrells that they had on were size 10. Oops. After a lot of indecision, we settled on these for Johnny and even though Grace wanted these, we settled on these for her.

Then it was my turn. Ah, the choices: slouch boots, ankle boots, peep toe, platform. Even though I had my eye on a pair of these, Johnny and Grace directed me to these. They're the cutest sensible shoes I saw (or were they the most sensible of the cute shoes that I saw?). So I settled on them and we all went away happy, with our new shoes. Mine will last for years. Let's hope the kids' last til Christmas!

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