Thursday, September 28, 2006

Numbers #9 and #10 Why I Love Being Married to David

#9 Wednesday is dance day at SFFA. For Grace's birthday, I bought her a cute little black leotard and skirt to go over it that she changes into every Wednesday afternoon. Yesterday at work I remembered that I forgot to make sure her dance suit was in her backback when I dropped her off at PES. Without any prompting by me whatsoever, when David picked Grace up from PES to take her to SFFA, he looked in her backpack to see if her dance suit was in there. He a.) remembered it was dance day, and b.) he remembered to check to see if Grace's leotard was packed. It wasn't, and he made a special trip back home, dug around in our various piles of clean and dirty clothes, found it and took it to SFFA in time for her to "suit up," because he understands that dressing out is half the fun. How sweet is that?

#10 I can't count the times David has filled in for me whether at the church nursery, taking the kids to appointments, or like last Friday, when I still had pinkeye and he filled in as Bob's assistant for a cooking class at SFFA. Bob is my musician friend whose daughter also goes to SFFA. Bob has Fridays off like I do, and over the summer, we thought it would be fun to offer some preschool-level cooking classes at SFFA. Bob's a wonderful cook, so he became the leader in this project, and I the assistant. He's come up with recipes, lesson plans, the whole works. So, last Friday was our debut, but I didn't think that "pinkeye" and "preschool cooking class" went very well together. Bob definitely needed an assistant, and David heroically filled in for me. They made "Playa Pudding," (pronounced "Ply-a," as in "beach," not "Play-a," as in "Don't be a Play-a Hate-a") and if you'd like to see pictures or get the recipe, click here.

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