Wednesday, September 06, 2006

10 Things I Love About Amy

10. That she has a Harvard education but enjoys reading People Magazine.
9. That she refuses to be friends with anyone who doesn’t admit to wanting to strangle their
kid every now and then.
8. That she hugged me and told me she was proud of me when I “came out” with my depression and told her I thought it was time to seek help.
7. That she celebrates and understands Grace’s triumphs and victories, as small and trivial as they may appear to others, because she has an “Out of Sync Child” too.
6. That when I’m telling a long-winded story, she feels comfortable enough to say, “Cooley, this better be going somewhere fast.”
5. That once she wrote me a note on our kids’ preschool sign-in sheet that said, “Sarah, if you
read this, let me know, and I’ll give you $5.00” (and that I never got the $5.00, because I didn’t read the note, because somewhere along the line the Cooleys got the idea that we’re above the system and therefore don’t need to sign our kids in and out each day).
4. That she’s the most honest friend I’ve ever had and that one time when I asked her if she was upset with me she said, “Don’t worry-you’ll know if I’m ever upset with you.”
3. That because we have so much to share with each other about the previous week and
what’s going on in our lives, we’ve had to come up with Agendas for our weekly playdates to get through all we want to say.
2. That our friendship (of only three years!) grew so much in one year that a mutual friend who had been away in Oregon for a year while her husband served in Iraq, immediately picked up on it by the jabs, digs and insults that Amy and I were trading, that only close friends can get away with.
1. That even though she’s in Law School now and is busier than ever and that she’s meeting new classmates and friends, and that we’ve had to postpone our weekly playdates, and that’s it’s been almost three weeks (!) since we’ve seen each other, and that major things are going on in our lives and in our kids’ lives, I know she’s only a phone call or an e-mail away to laugh with or cry with and that when we do finally find time in our schedules to get our kids together or to grab a cup of coffee, we’re going to pick right back up where we left off, without it being awkward or weird or judgemental, because that’s the kind of friend Amy is. She’s the best.


J, J, a & m said...

She sounds great. It's too bad law school will ruin her forever. I'm just kidding of course! I love reading your blog, it is an inspiration to us all. My kids are also extraordinarily happy, and I have used that line twice at baby showers when they make you write advice on a note card. I like that game better than the eating baby food game, tho. Hugs to everyone

Genevieve said...

I love those things about Amy too--glad you wrote it.