Thursday, September 07, 2006

In No Particular Order

Last night I had ice cream for supper. I knew I shouldn't, but I did anyway. A Foundation Board Member brought me some black cherry preserves and told me to warm it up in the microwave and pour over ice cream. That's just what I did...I just didn't wait for dessert. I bought Ben and Jerry's vanilla ice cream and Hershey's chocolate hard shell, and while David was giving the kids a bath, I enjoyed an indulgent treat. Afterwards, Johnny said, "I smell you, Mommy. I smell your breff." "What does it smell like?" He couldn't place the smell, so I helped him. "Does it smell like ice cream?" "Yeah, it smells like ice cweam." Today I'm paying for it. Dairy is on my "do not eat, you're allergic" list (and I've been doing really well to avoid foods on the list) so today I feel ever so slightly spacey and a bit foggy. (And all this time we thought it was because I was a blonde).

Johnny's doing great in his new three-year old class at school. The biggest concern currently is that he's making girls mad by kissing them on the arm, unannounced and uninvited. Even though we have to nip that behavior in the bud, I think it's rather sweet and told Johnny he can kiss me unannounced, any time. Another too-cute-for-words Johnny saying is what he said the other day about one of his classmate's older sisters, "Mommy, I want to be Carolina's (pronounced Cadoleena) Prince." awww. I told him he could be Mommy's Prince, and he said, "No, Daddy is your Prince." awww.

Grace has started her third year of Pre-K here. Other than the fact that it takes me an hour and a half to get to work each day (I leave the house at 7:30 AM, drive Grace down to Pittsboro, sign her in, then drive to Cary and arrive to work by 9:00 AM), and it takes David an hour a day for him to drive down to P'Boro to pick Grace up and drop her off at SFFA, Miss Diane's class is worth it, and I think it's made all the difference in the world for her.

David actually did accomplish a lot while the kids and I were in Boone. The last thing I noticed was that he replaced the front door screen like I had requested. The screen is ripped down the left side and there's this annoying rubber flapping piece that moves around every time the door is opened or closed. I was impressed that he'd remembered and actually fixed it. He could have gotten away with it, but he admitted, "I didn't replace the screen, I just turned it around." Now, the rip and the flapping piece of rubber are on the right side, not the door handle side, and therefore less noticable. Hey, works for me.

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