Monday, September 25, 2006

Carrot Noses, Carrboro Music Festival and The Cave

Carrot Noses:

I was reading a Richard Scarry book about seasons to the kids, and when we got to winter, there was a picture of a snowman with a carrot nose. Johnny asked, "What kind of nose is this, Mommy?" and pointed to the long, triangular, orange carrot. "A carrot nose. That's what kind of noses snowmen have." "Do carrot noses have boogers?"

Carrboro Music Festival:

We went to the 9th Annual Carrboro Music Festival yesterday. We did lots of walking, did a lot of people watching, listened to music, rode a train, and Grace faced her fears by going down a huge inflatable slide. I'll post pictures as soon as my source e-mails them to me.

The Cave:

Last Wednesday, an old High School friend played at The Cave in CH. I didn't know until that day that he was in CH, and I didn't know until that day that he's quite an accomplished musician who plays with Crooked Fingers and has a solo album coming out soon. I missed a great show and another WHS reunion-type of thing...damn pinkeye (which is better, thanks.)


Nana said...

Hi Sarah,
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog, pinkeye and all. I also want to be sure that I can purchase Lucy Cards from you again this year. I haven't noticed you mentioning them yet on your blog. Is it about time for them? Keep on writing, you're doing a great job! Kathy Stinehelfer - Alex,Molly and Henry's Nana

Kevin Alex said...

Who plays with Crooked Fingers?

Crooked Fingers latest album (year old) is incredible.

Eric Bachman (CF singer and TC Roberson alum) also has solo one out.

Your blog rocks, bird.