Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Eight Years and Counting

Today is David's and my anniversary. (It's also International Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day. Arrrgh, me hardys!) Eight years-wow. Eight years ago today David and I said "I do" in a little white church in Chapel Hill followed by an outdoor reception at Walter's house. It was an incredibly meaningful ceremony and a fun party with lots of highlights. I love remembering the wedding day itself and all of the people that converged to help mark the beginning of a beautiful thing-our marriage. And if that weren't good enough, we took a week-long honeymoon to Greece. Greece was just awesome-breathtakingly simple, beautiful vistas everywhere we looked. And no, I'm not referring to the topless French sunbathers that kept "popping up" outside of our beachfront hotel room. A few days ago, David and I agreed that for our anniversary, we would each write each other a heart-felt love letter and pick out a book that we wanted for our gift this year. David already got his book, The Zombie Survival Guide (who knew?), and I'm still deciding what to pick. I kind of think this one would be fun. My letter was waiting for me this morning. David's letter will be ready this afternoon. But for now, I'll share eight reasons why I love being married to David (in no particular order):

1. Because he's always doing funny and unexpected things around our house...like the time when Grace was a baby and he spelled out with her alphabet blocks in her room on her shelf, "Taco Night?" and left them there for me to find. Guess what we had for dinner that night?

2. Because he cleans a kitchen floor like no one's business.

3. Because my dreams are his dreams, my sadnesses are his sadnesses and his strengths begin when mine end.

4. Because once when I spent too much on a really cool red purse, instead of getting angry, he said, "I don't care how much you spend when you bring home killer bags like that."

5. Because we laugh together all the time.

6. Because of Grace and Johnny.

7. Because he inspires me. He's an artist. He's a voracious reader. He's a runner. And his exercise, by the way, has cleared his mind and given him killer abs. (He's bringing sexy back. Yeah.)

8. Because all the right elements are lined up that I believe, without hesitation, that the best years are still ahead.


Kevin Alex said...

Damn, that was pretty sweet Sarah.

Happy Anniversary Guys.

Bird Spot said...

And that's not even the love letter. :) Thanks, though.

J, J, a & m said...

Man. Now I want to marry David. :)