Saturday, January 13, 2007

Out on the Town

New Year's Resolution #7: Get out and hear live music more often. Check.

At my age and stage, I use a little more discretion than I used to in deciding whether or not to go out and see a live show. Nowadays, there's the issue of who'll keep the kids, is it a wise choice of how to spend twenty-plus dollars and is the fun of the evening going to outweigh the fatigue I feel the next day by choosing to go out at the time I'm usually crawling into bed?

Friday night's line-up was a pretty good bet: 5 bands (two I'd even heard of), no cover charge and promises from friends of today and yesteryear to meet and hang out. After a full and varied evening of drinks at Speakeasy, meeting friends of friends at the Cave, catching most of the five free sets from bands that all seem to have a solid following (for good reason), non-stop conversation with friends I hadn't hung out with in seventeen years, they practically had to sweep us out of the Cradle after 1:00 AM.

I left with that now all-too-familiar sentiment that there's something about growing up in Watauga County that sets us apart and makes it easier and more likely to pick back up where we left off, that Austin is a city in Texas that I'd definitely like to visit, and also the name of a brand-new baby girl who is pretty darn lucky to have the dad she does.


Kev Alex said...

I think that was one of my least in my head.

A show i think i won't be able to go to but is coming to your area is Cold War Kids at Local 506 March something-ish... it's a Tuesday night...(going out of town Wed...can't make it)

Gotta check them out.

Anonymous said...

Bird - I liked the black background way better.