Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Nursing A Migraine Hangover

They come like bandits in the night, unannounced and uninvited, holding me captive while they rob me of my riches, leaving me flattened in their wake, asking, "Why me? Why now?"

Yesterday's riches included an after-work class at the gym, dinner with David and the kids (that he prepared) and settling in as a family to laugh at this year's American Idol hopefuls. But no, not last night. Couldn't be. The evil migraine step mother decided that it was time to pay me a little visit. As I showered off my workout, my vision in my right eye went blurry. "No way," I thought. "Is this..." "YESSSSSSSSSS! IT ISSSSSSSS!" the migraine serpent hissed. Unbelivable. It's not even that time of the month. I'm used to it by now and calmly explained to David and the kids that I was getting a migraine and in about half an hour would not be able to talk or play anymore. My words didn't really mean anything to Johnny and Grace as they continued to hang on me demanding to be swung around, upside down. I think they all got the message when I became Mommy-Migraine-Monster and hissed, "HELP ME OUT, DAVID! I'M GETTING A MIGRAINE!!"


So the pain and misery came right on schedule, forcing me to forfeit the rest of my night. And here I sit today nursing a major migraine hangover, without any fond memories from the night before.

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