Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Walk This Way

It's time for the 21st Annual Carrboro-Chapel Hill CROP WALK, and it's time for me to tell you about it. I walked in the CROP WALKs growing up in Boone and then when I became involved in the social justice committee at my church about six years ago, I began organizing my church's efforts in the Carrboro-Chapel Hill walk. In a nutshell, the CROP WALK is an effort to raise money and awareness for international and local hunger relief. For me, though, it's more than that. It's become a way to connect with others in my church, old and young, and then for our church as a group to connect with the Chapel Hill-Carrboro community. It's also a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with my family and friends who decide to join me. Last year, I used the kids as props and had them wear grown-up CROP WALK t-shirts over their clothes then stand up with me to make an announcement at church. That made an impact on people because they're still talking about it, and it made an impact on my kids. I like to exploit them in good ways. We're all bombarded with bad stuff going on in our world near and far, atrocities that can completely overwhelm, but getting involved with the CROP WALK is but a small way that my family and I have decided to serve. And, oh my gosh, NC is rockin the CROP WALKs nationwide! For over ten years, Charlotte has had the #1 walk in the country (#1=raised most money), Greensboro has been #2 and Durham has been #3!! Chapel Hill-Carrboro is #20 or #21, but still, way to go NC! So here are the details. You're all invited to participate:

What is it? The CROP WALK is a four-mile walk through the diverse streets of Carrboro, Chapel Hill and UNC with rest stops along the way and refreshments at the end. The goal of the CROP WALK is to bring communities together to raise money for international and local hunger-relief efforts.

Who walks? Anyone who is willing and able. Personally, I'm recruiting walkers from my church, University United Methodist, and my goal is to recruit 50 walkers.

When? Sunday, April 15th at 2:30 PM (Registration begins at 2:00 PM)

Where? We meet at Carrboro Town Commons/Farmer's Market

How does it work? The Church World Service sponsors the CROP WALK nationally, and the Inter-Faith Council for Social Service sponsors it locally.

Who benefits? The Church World Service distributes 75% of the money raised to grassroots, hunger-fighting development efforts in 80 countries. 25% of the money raised stays in Carrboro and Chapel Hill to support the IFC's hunger-relief programs (food pantry, community kitchen, emergency relief, etc)

How can you help? By walking and raising money yourself, by sponsoring me and my family, or by sponsoring a group of IFC guests and clients. My family's personal goal is to raise at least $100 and the goal I've set for our church is $5,000. Any amount helps us reach our goal so thanks in advance to all who donate.

Thank you and please e-mail me if you have questions, need more info...

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