Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Power of Suggestion

We just got back from the mall where my dad bought Grace her first real pair of running shoes.

Last Saturday, we all went down to Pittsboro to the one-mile loop around the CCCC Campus. I ran, Kate roller-bladed, Johnny rode his bike, and even though Grace started out on her scooter, she ended up on David's shoulders. We were making a big deal out of Johnny riding his bike (with training wheels) for a whole mile around the loop when I imagined Grace wasn't feeling too good about her abilities on sports equipment with wheels or sports in general. She began running and I said, "Look everyone! Grace is a runner!" At that moment, a runner was born.

She's got the perfect ectomorphic body-type to excel at running, you don't need to be super-coordinated to get started, and it's something she's not afraid to try.

Johnny is a natural-born athlete. Grace isn't. But she's decided she's a runner and began practicing the minute we got home. That went so well, that I think I'll tell them both that they are going to lead very successful careers, make loads of money, and support their parents for as long as they can. We'll see what happens.

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