Friday, November 17, 2006

Random Friday Three

1. I just got carded buying a bottle of Pinot Noir. (Admit it: you've been a fan too, ever since the movie Sideways came out). My question is, do I really look that much younger than my years, or could it have been all the tension, stress, and built-up aging that had just been washed away during my 90-MINUTE MASSAGE! (That I got for 20% off by paying for it during Lucy's Card Week).

2. Ohio State vs. Michigan: The "Game of the Century." My dad reminded me why I should even care. Because we lived in Columbus from 1974-1980 and used to see High Street get boarded up during these match-ups, and we used to go to the games and cheer with my dad endearingly (and spill hot chocolate on bald guys in front of us...but that's another story)

My dad: "O-H!"
We Kids: "I-O!"

This game will be way more exciting than anything Carolina has put out all season, so, "GO BUCKEYES!"

3. Johnny dropping the F-Bomb in the privacy of my car: funny
Johnny dropping the F-Bomb at school: not funny
Johnny's classmates dropping the F-Bomb and saying they picked it up from Johnny (who
picked it up from Daddy): time to start washing some little (and big) mouths out with soap.

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