Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Full of Thanks

I'm at home today, without a scanner, but if I had a scanner handy, I'd scan in pictures of the turkeys Grace and Johnny each made at school listing what they're thankful for.

If I remember correctly, Johnny listed that he was thankful for water and superheroes. I'm looking at Grace's right now, and here's what she lists:

1. I'm happy when my mom smile(s) and laugh(s) real hard.
2. I'm happy when my daddy plays dollhouse for a long time.
3. I'm happy when when my mom picks me up.
4. I like playing Simon Says with Johnny.

And I'm happy that they're happy and thankful about these things. Gobble Gobble!

1 comment:

J, J, a & m said...

Those are so cute and creative! You guys have a nice Halloween!