Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Joy Juice

Some people enjoy going to bars to converse with people while filling their bodies with fluids that make them feel good. People like me? We go to IV lounges at our doctors' offices.

I sat for over two hours today in the IV lounge at Dr. Webster's office in High Point getting my first Mega C Nutritional IV Drip. The first hour I sat alone, flip flopping between working on a research final and text-messaging my sister, (r u ok?) my husband, (u r on my 2 do list) and a classmate (to whom when he informed me that he'd finished his paper a week early, only had two more research questions to complete AND has the day off tomorrow I texted: u suk! j/k). (I'm a texting newbie, btw, and still can't figure out how to make my phone type the number 1, so I just use a lower-case "L" but get made fun of by Kate who's one of those who can text full paragraphs while driving and curling her eyelashes at the same time).

The second hour, two ladies joined me, and we intermittently chit-chatted about our intravenous cocktails and whether we agreed with People Magazine's assessment of this year's sexiest man alive. The lady beside me who'd driven three hours from eastern Tennessee to get her "joy juice" assured me I'd feel like a million bucks when I wake up tomorrow.

For $135 an-out-of-pocket-pop, I'd better.

Next week, same bat time, same bat channel. I'll receive my second Mega C drip in preparation for the following week's heavy metal chelation.

Rock on.

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Bird Spot said...

It's morning...not a million bucks. Maybe $35.00.