Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wild Mountain Thyme

To mark the beginning of the outdoor music festival season, I've decided to share a classic Lightfoot story with you.

It was summer, probably in 1995, (the year I was in Florida and therefore why I wasn't there), a big, outdoor music and camping festival near Boone, NC. My sister and brother were both there and all of our mutual friends that we've accumulated over the years. Kate wasn't 21, so she asked her big brother if he would go on a b-double e-double r-u-n, beer run, beer run, for her. He was at the drum circle and he said, "Not now, Kate, I'm into the drums."

The appeal of the "drums" wasn't limited to the rhythmic trance only those kind of drum circles can induce. The "appeal" was the women that were dancing around in a rhythmic trance. The women that didn't have any clothes on.

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