Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Quick Stuff

Just when I thought our kids couldn't be any happier living in our neighborhood, on Sunday evening when we were out enjoying the great Earth-Day weather, another neighbor walked up and wanted to know if we wanted the swingset in his yard that his godson has outgrown. It's the metal old-school kind that I grew up with, and David and the neighbor literally picked it up from one yard and moved it to ours. It's slightly rusty and it's the kind where the poles raise an inch or so off the ground when the kids swing too high (sending me into cardiac arrest) but it's great, and they love it! I especially love the two double swings that they can get on and enjoy without needing me to push, but what I love the most are the conversations that they come up with when they think I'm not listening--just two free kids, pretending to be their favorite characters and getting lost in their own little worlds--just priceless kid-chatter.

There's so much going on these days at work and in life that I can hardly see straight. Unfortunately, the CROP WALK got rained out a week ago, but I met my fundraising goal and I thank you to those who donated...(I know who you are). Friday and Saturday are MerleFest and a quick visit to Boone then upcoming Literacy Council fundraisers, music parties, dance recitals, more work events, visits from cousins, I can't wait! It's times like this that David says, "I think I like it better when you're depressed."

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