Friday, April 20, 2007

One Year of Blogging

Guess what, y'all? Today's my one-year blogging anniversary! It's been a fun year and to mark the occasion, I'm starting something interactive. I'm calling it "Friday Haikus With Bird." (Think along the lines of "Tuesdays With Morrie," just more fun) Every Friday, I'll pick a topic on which to write a Haiku. You're invited to participate. Most of my readers don't ever comment so this might be something I do solo. If so, so be it. I'm not afraid of looking stupid. Today's topic is birds (or Bird). Why am I called Bird anyway? 33 years ago, when I was 2, I was down at the river in Owensboro, KY with my grandparents. I put my arms behind me and started dancing around and my grandmother said I looked like a little bird. From then on, I was "Little Bird," or "Bird" or "Birdie" or "Birdie Boo" to my parents. The funny thing is, Johnny did the exact same bird dance when he was 2. My high school friends and my college girlfriends knew about the nickname but I think that's where it kind of stopped. So, that's why I'm Bird. I always know when I'm on the outs with my dad, because when I call him, he says, "Hi, Sarah." But when all is good, and he's happy to hear from me, he says, "Birrrrrrrrrrd."

So, here goes nothing...


Flitting, Fleeting, Chirp
Free to dance and fly away.
So much in a name


Can you do any better? Show me.


Anonymous said...

Free of earthly bonds,
Singing her beautiful song,
She inspires us all.

Bird Spot said...


Shadow slipping through
waves of grass like the
dream of a shark:

Red-tailed Hawk

GP aka Otto