Monday, August 21, 2006

Concert? What Concert?

The "Be Fris" strike again. Monica has now added 106.1 RDU to her list of stations on which she can be heard and she invited me to join her this past Saturday night for a 106.1 remote and the station's 22 year birthday party at the Alltel Walnut Creek Pavilion in Raleigh for the Allman Brothers Band show. I tagged along as a "friend" (one step below the intern) while Monica and the guys at RDU worked their magic. What's more fun than hoola hoops, birthday cake, and fans that are looking for famous people and free stuff? Highlights included:

1. SWAT-team-level security at bringing the hoola hoops in (none of the hippie chicks were allowed to take their hoops to the lawn. Monica had her media pass, so ours got through).

2. Running into Monica's mom's best friend's son and his crazy friend(s) from Boone.

3. The look on everyone's face when I told them I couldn't stay out late because I had to teach Sunday School the next morning.

4. Talking with Monica back at our cars when we had to return the hoola hoops and missing the entire Allman Brothers show because we just had so much to say.

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