Monday, June 04, 2007

Self Audit 6-10

6. Run a marathon after training with Team in Training, which raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation.
I have a confession to make: I don't really enjoy running all that much. I mean, I kind of like it, and I want to like it, but whenever I start, I'm all the time thinking about when I get to stop. Walking is different-I literally could walk forever. Running isn't the mind-altering, body-morphing, addiction for me like it is for David. Ever since January, he's gotten up at 5:00 AM, and has run 5 miles at least 5 days out of the week. I literally can't keep up.

I'm unsure about the marathon thing in this calendar year. Not to procrastinate or anything, but there's a Disney Marathon in January, and if I train through Team in Training, my travel and lodging will be paid for. This may be the surest way that my kids get to experience Disney while they're still kids. Grace has taken it upon herself to declare in no uncertain terms that our family is going on a Disney Cruise. Every couple of weeks, her teacher asks me about it, all excited for us, and I have to let her down easy: "There's no Disney Cruise."

7. Get out and hear live music more often. With the Thursday night and Sunday morning music series at Weaver Street, the Bynum General Store Front Porch Music gigs on Fridays, Moonlight Music and Dance at Shakori Hills, Southern Village Sunday Music series, and the Bud Light Downtown Live shows in Raleigh on Saturdays, I think this one's pretty much covered (or will be by the end of the summer)

And, I'll be hitting Cat's Cradle tonight for the Beatles cover band Abbey Road Live for a 40th Anniversary performance of the complete Sgt. Pepper album with strings, horns, sitar and more!

8. Play live music more often.
A gig at a recent music party helped my ratings here, and it was fun singing for a change. I'm looking forward to more backyard and campfire singalongs (W. Otto--when are you coming to NC?) and the annual SwillFest '07 in August.

9. Write more, worry less.
I still have a lot of stories to write up and share (the next installment will be about how a real-live Ninja visited our "Old Neighborhood" in 1984) but I'm not yet so unguarded to write as worry-free as dooce does.

10. Send cards, gifts and thank you notes on time.
Due to the fact that I still have some written but unaddressed Christmas Cards, '06 laying around, I see I still have some work to do. I should get a head start NOW for the upcoming holiday season.

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KevAlex said...

I so wanna be a runner. I envy all of those people that can do it. I usually do it for 2 weeks and then take mulitiple months off. I've been meaning to get back in it. I also yearn for live shows. I just know soon that one of my top 5 fav bands will visit the area.... i just know it!