Friday, June 22, 2007

And Then Not So Funny

Upon hearing about Grace's "wandering off" incident the other day from the Weaver Street lawn all the way inside Carr Mill Mall, all the way over to Elmo's Diner. At night. In the dark. By herself.

Me: Grace, honey, you cannot wander off like that. It's very dangerous. Do not ever wander off from Mommy or Daddy again. Do you understand?

Grace: Are you have gum?

Me: Grace-look at me in the eye. This is very serious. Do not ever wander off, ok? Remember those bad guys in Home Alone? Well, there are a lot of bad guys out there, and those guys that brought you back to Daddy could have been bad guys.

Grace: But they weren't bad guys, Mommy, they were nice.

Me: Oh, Grace, you are so sweet, I can't stand it. But there's a lot about life that that you don't understand yet.

Grace: My name is Grace Cooley Elizabeth.

Me: (See what I mean?)

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