Thursday, August 30, 2007


At least for awhile, I'm not going to have the luxury of composing well thought-out blog posts. I'm going to have to rely on the handy numbered list to record my life's current goings on:

1. Grace LOVES Kindergarten so far. I make it a point of going around the table at suppertime, or if we're not all together then at tuck-in time, to ask everyone what their favorite part of their day was. If we forget to ask, the kids don't, so we hear a lot of, "What was your favorite part about today?" David and I play too. Just as "Spanish for Fun Academy" was shortened to "Spanish for Fun Dot Com" and again to "Spanish For Dot Com," the question of the day has been shortened in our house to, "What was your favorite day?" When I asked Grace what her favorite day was on Monday, she said, "eating in the cafeteria." What made me so happy is that she has struck up a friendship with the Hispanic little girl named Saira, and Grace has been talking to her in Spanish!!!! Love it!! The adults are butchering the pronunciation of Saira's name. It should sound like : saa-EEE-dah, and Grace says it perfectly. I heard one of the teachers call her SY-ra, and it brought back bad flashbacks of my 5th grade teacher who insisted on calling me SAY-ra.

2. Johnny thinks I'm going to jail, and I'm not doing a whole lot to assure him otherwise. Over a week ago, the kids and I were at the Southern Village Weaver Street after work/school. Some lady left a shopping cart out in the wrong place and Johnny ended up playing on it. Absentmindedly, I told him at least three times to get down from the cart and not to play on it. When he finally got off, the cart started rolling toward a line of parked cars as it was on a slope. It all happened quickly but as if in slow motion, and as I saw the cart heading for a brand-new Honda Odessey, I ran to grab it and screamed, "OH MY GOD!" at the top of my lungs. The cart dented the passenger side door while the three kids of the car's owner looked on. I scolded Johnny and waited for the car owner to come out. I did the right thing by giving her my numbers, and she was very nice about it. It was kind of an accident, but not really, because it took 3 times for Johnny to get down from the cart. I was upset and he got upset. I told him it was going to cost me a lot of money to pay for his mistake and that I might pay for it out of his remaining birthday money. He balked at that and I had to admit that $4.00 wouldn't put a dent in what it's going to cost to fix the dent. Ever since the incident, Johnny keeps asking if I'm going to jail.

3. I like my two Social Work classes and I like the reading. I haven't gotten used to reading 200+ pages in a week, though. That part is kicking my butt.

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