Monday, May 28, 2007

The "S"-ence of My Weekend

Summer: I told the kids we would put the back-porch pool up when it was summer. Summer officially arrived at our house this weekend. The pool rocks.

Sandbox: David built a killer sandbox in our yard two weekends ago. It's in the shade. We all can get nice and sandy then hop in our pool to clean off.

Swingset: Grace has officially learned how to "pump" all by herself. With the swimming pool, the sandbox and the swingset, Grace says, "We have a real park in our own yard!" Amen.

Swimming: We were invited to be guests at a cool pool in Durham. The kids loved it and could spend hours there. We're debating joining the family pool that is closest to our house...but it's $400 up front and about $500 per year. If enough people invite us to be guests all summer, we could pull a real coup.

Southpoint Mall: How do you spend a holiday (read: day off) intended to honor the men and women who serve our country? You go to the mall! It kind of makes me sick, but we were right there with them.

Salsa Dancing and Socializing with Strangers: A new friend I met at the gym invited me to visit her Salsa Dance class and then go out for a drink with her and her friend. The dancers were saucy and scintillating, and the conversation the gals had was stimulating.

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