Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pigs, Cheese, and Dogs in Drag


#1. Yesterday I was delivering Lucy's Card packets to the fine participating merchants in Chapel Hill. In the middle of one of my spiels, a distracted store owner said, "Hold on for just a minute, there's a pig running around here somewhere." Can you guess which store I was in?

a.) A Southern Season
b.) Aria Skin & Laser Spa
c.) Great Outdoor Provision Co.
d.) Ferdinand's Dog & Cat Boutique

The correct answer is d.) Ferdinand's Dog & Cat Boutique. The pig was small, black, cute, and named Serena.

#2. I was talking up the NC State Fair to my kids yesterday.

Me: "When we go to the fair, do you guys want to see the racing pigs?"
Johnny: "Cars?"
Me: "No, pigs."
Johnny: "But will the pigs be racing in cars?"
We all wish.


This morning Johnny asked for a cheese stick, or string cheese as it is most usually identified. Johnny was oh-so-proud at the fact that he could peel the wrapper off by himself, as he is getting to be such a grown-up, big boy. Next thing I knew, he was whacking the unwrapped cheese stick against his head rather than eating it. I said in my most exasperated, morning-voice, "Johnny, don't whack the cheese stick against your head." He replied in his most assuring, but totally-missed-the-point voice, "It don't hurt, Mommy."

Dogs in Drag:

No words necessary.

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