Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Heritage

For one of my classes tomorrow, we've been asked to bring in an item or something that represents our heritage, where we come from. I knew immediately I'd be brining this photo of the Ballantines, my mom's family. Even if I didn't know any of these people, I'd love this photograph. I could stare at it for long periods of time, and I have. Taken in the early 1960's, I'm guessing, (if anyone reading this knows the year this was taken, please e-mail me!) this represents a golden period in our family's history. With my great grandmother in the middle, my grandmother and her siblings standing behind, their children seated, and the oldest of the my generation being the youngest in this photo, here are four generations of happy, healthy, and beautiful Ballantines. Click on the image to get a bigger view. Can you find my mom? My two aunts? My grandmother?

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