Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Johnson Reunion 2007

Most Inspiring Couple: Sadie and Eddie

Prepared the Best Food: Sadie

Best All-Around Personality: Eddie

Most Likely to be Able to Tie a Knot in a Cherry Stem with Her Tongue (or so she says): Beth

Most Relaxed While in the Pool: David Hulett

Most Laid-Back Person No Matter Where She Was, What She Was Doing Or Who Was Around: Sarah H.

Family With Most Impressive Charades Players: Beth, Haley, and Abbey

Absolute Coolest, Most Fun and Most Laid-Back Hostess Ever: Ann

Most Likely to be a Rock Star by the Next Reunion: David M. H.

Person Who Put on the Most Entertaining Fashion Show: Nancy

Person Who Turns a Year Older at Every Johnson Reunion Yet Never Looks a Day Older Year After Year: Elinor

Most Fun: Little Sam

Most Competitive Person Pushing 80 Years Old (He's only 44, but in his words, he's more than halway to 80): Big Sam

Most Off-The-Wall Sense of Humor: Three-Way tie between Brian , Big Sam and D. Cooley

Best Conversationalist: Mack

Person Who Most Resembled a Fire Cracker: Emily

Person With the Most Tricks Up His Sleeve: Austin

Most Observant/Most Likely to Know the Correct Answer to Any Question About the Reunion Regarding Games, Food Plans, Activities, Sleeping Arrangements: Hannah

Person in the "First Cousin" Generation Who Was Most Popular With the Under 18 Sect: Kate

Cruise Director: Sarah Cooley

Most Likely to Be Cruise Directors at Future Reunions: Haley and Abbey

Adult Female Most Likely to Be Mistaken For a 20-Something: Lisa

Adult Male Most Likely to Be Mistaken For a 20-Something: Daniel

Person Most Likely to Ask You What Your Name Is: Grace

When Asked if He'd Like to Participate in the Family Pictures, Most Likely to Respond, "Let's not but say we did:" Johnny

Person Who Secretly Enjoyed Putting the Kids to Bed Each Night to Get Out of "Group Games:" David Cooley

Person Most Likely To Cross Paths and Engage in Conversation With Unsupervised Children Wandering Through the House: Brian

Most Unexpected Splash: Storm

Most Talked About Movie: "Flicka"

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